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5 Hurricane Shutters that can Protect a home from Hurricane and Storm

Thinking about the threats of a hurricane or tropical storm is surely devastating to anyone. People living near the coastal area are more prone to these major disasters and it’s important to know the essential ways for protection in keeping the house and family members safe. Nowadays, different companies have existed to offer hurricane shutters as one way to keep you from harm of calamities.

Hurricane shutters are typically used to shield windows and doors at home against the destructive hurricane and storm. In addition, risky chances of glass breaking and debris falling into the home can also be eliminated.

To know what types of hurricane shutter to purchase, follow through the guide below.

Accordion Shutters 

This type of shutter is considered as one of the most affordable yet sturdy in its features. It is an exceptional solution especially for high-rise buildings which certainly puts forward hurricane defense and security.

Bahama Shutters

Featuring a trend-setting of class and elegance, the Bahama Exterior Shutter guards your windows against high-impact winds, blocks flying objects, and protects windows during hurricanes. On that note, choosing this type of shutter can heighten up fashion around the property.

Rolling Shutters

This kind of shutter has a unique feature such as noise reduction for any window or door opening. It provides a complete storm protection and security too. This comes in manual, electric motorized, and a remote control operation.

Hurricane Panels

Hurricane or storm panels are much likely affordable for your hurricane protection needs. However, Clear Lexan Panels gives off a natural light when your home or business has been closed up for the threat of hurricane or storm.

Hurricane Fabric Screens

This is one of the effective barriers against damaging storms. It uses deflection for large missile impacts and wind-energy generated removal. It has components of being affordable and lightweight too. Due to the advancement in the industry, it has allowed the systems to be manually and electronically operated for a downright convenience.

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