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Types of Window Glass – Know What You Need in Cape Coral, FL

Guardian Hurricane Protection offers an extensive variety of window glass with functionality and styles to compliment every individual need.

Choosing the right type of window glass decreases energy bills, maintains comfortable indoor temperatures, provides peace of mind during storms and protects properties.

Impact Hurricane Windows are available in most styles and shapes including:

Horizontal Roller Window in Southwest Florida

Horizontal Roller

Casement Windows in Southwest Florida

Casement Window

Picture Window in Southwest Florida

Picture Window

Single Hung Window in Southwest Florida

Single Hung Window

Double Hung Window in Southwest Florida

Double Hung Window

Fixed Custom and Architectural Shapes in Southwest Florida

Fixed Custom and Architectural Shapes

Glass Types

Turtle Glass Window in Southwest Florida


Clear Glass Window in Southwest Florida


Bronze Glass Window in Southwest Florida


Low-E Glass Window in Southwest Florida


White Inner Layer Glass Window in Southwest Florida

White Innerlayer

Obsecure Glass Window in Southwest Florida


Grey Glass Window in Southwest Florida


Rain Glass Window in Southwest Florida


Annealed Glass

If an annealed glass door or annealed glass window is impacted, it will break into large shards.

Annealed glass is the result of a cooling process that glass undergoes after being produced in our factory. A piece of glass must be cut while in the annealed form, prior to undergoing additional processes such as heat strengthening or tempering. Once a piece of glass has been heat strengthened or tempered, it will shatter if cut.

If annealed glass is impacted, it will break into large shards.


Insulating Glass

A special silicone glazing process helps keep insulating glass windows from breaking away from the frame.

Insulating glass is composed of two panes of glass separated by air or other gas to reduce heat transfer.

Heat-Strengthened Glass

If impacted, heat-strengthened glass windows will break into medium-sized shards.

Heat strengthened glass is annealed glass that is heated to approximately 1300°F, the temperature at which it reaches its softening point. It is then cooled to create surface compression. This compression allows the glass to tolerate more rapid and uneven temperature swings. Heat strengthened glass is approximately two times stronger than annealed glass.


Tempered Glass

If a tempered glass door or window is impacted with enough force to break, the glass will shatter into countless small, slightly cube-shaped pieces that present less of a cutting hazard.

Tempered glass is produced similarly to heat-strengthened glass: beginning as annealed glass and heated to approximately 1300°F. However, tempered glass is cooled more rapidly to create higher surface compression. This compression makes the glass more resistant to blunt impact and even more tolerant to temperature swings than heat-strengthened glass. Tempered glass is approximately four to five times stronger than annealed glass and is also known as safety glass due to its breakage pattern.

aog tempered

Laminated Glass & Laminated Insulating Glass

Like insulating glass, laminated glass uses a special silicone glazing process that prevents it from breaking away from the frame. Laminated glass is composed of two pieces of bonded glass, essentially “sandwiched” together with a clear interlayer for impact resistance and one pane for added insulation.


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