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What are the Different Window Types?

Aside from letting light or air in and giving you a view of the outdoors, windows can also give character to your house or place of business. If you want to replace your home or commercial windows, there are many window types to choose from.

1. Single- and double-hung windows

These types of windows consist of two panels or sashes, one on top of the other. The distinction between the two types lies in the movement of the panels.

For the single-hung window, the top panel is fixed, and only the bottom panel slides up and down to open or close the window. For the double-hung type, both panels are free to move up or down, possibly giving your window two openings.

Awning windows swing outward and upward, making them ideal for places with frequent rain. They are usually paired with a picture window for ventilation or by themselves in basements.

A hopper window looks exactly like an awning window when closed, but it opens inward and may pivot at the top or bottom, depending on the manufacturer.

These windows open outward pivoting at either side. They usually have sizeable continuous glass panes uninterrupted by bars or frames, giving you ample light or ventilation when opened.

Also called slider windows, they look much like single- or double-hung windows oriented horizontally with one panel or more sliding sideways. Their mechanisms consist simply of the guide rails or tracks and lock, making them easy and relatively inexpensive to install.

Picture windows are large fixed windows installed to maximize the light you could let in and your view of the outside, giving you an experience much like looking at a big picture. These are usually installed in places with scenic views.

The impact windows have on your home or office is undeniable, and choosing what type to use is essential. But no matter what type of window you end up choosing, one thing you have to ensure is that it gives you the protection that you need.

Things beyond your control like hurricanes and break-ins can hit your home at any given time. These are impossible to predict. But when they do happen, your windows are in the frontline, bearing the brunt of their force.

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