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Window Type for Residential Homes in Coastal Areas

Living in coastal areas has both positive and negative consequences. You can enjoy the view and the breeze on fine weather but you have to endure the isolation and threat when the weather gets sour. After weighing the pros and cons, you can focus on one of the aspects of your residential home and invest in it. You should have aluminum impact windows in defense and preparation for severe winds and rain.

When choosing windows, the features you have to consider are: impact-resistant, opening protection, energy performance, cost effective, and warranty;

Impact-Resistant Windows

In order to protect yourself and your property from damage and danger, you must install impact-resistant windows. These windows must have laminated glass and should maintain attractive designs and sizes. To test if the window is resistant enough, it has to be tested by firing a 2X4 missile into it. It is a way of testing how much pressure it can stand especially when wind-borne debris would strike at the window when there is a hurricane. An impact-resistant window is said to shatter during an impact test but its glass shards and interlayer still stick together. There may be some leaks but the people inside the house are kept safe. The aluminum impact windows Bonita Springs is one source of reliable impact-resistant windows.

Opening protection

Protection is not solely assured by having impact-resistant windows opening protection is to be considered too. The aluminum impact windows Cape Coral has something more to offer though. The Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) recommends steel storm panels to ensure the highest possible protection. Because of the steel panels, the glass is kept from breaking and water is kept out also. They are made of clear polycarbonate, roll-down shutters. Clear polycarbonate shutters offer nearly the same impact resistance as storm panels and are relatively light. Roll-down shutters, the most convenient option, often require putting up storm bars to offer adequate impact resistance. The aluminum impact windows Naples offer high quality shutters too.

Energy Performance

Another feature to look into is energy performance. With aluminum impact windows Estero, low-E coatings are invisible thin metallic layers that block heat flow and other aspects such as gas fills and low conductivity edge spacers. You can seek the advice and guidance of experts in installing and choosing which window type suits your need and preference.

Cost effective

Nothing can be more costly than your life; hence, if you are hesitant about installing high quality windows because of the expense, you have to consider how you are kept safe by aluminum impact windows Fort Myers. Surely, you will have to count the cost of adding impact-resistant glass to your windows that may vary in size, design, and shape. You can compare the prices and the features of each window type and then calculate the value of saved lives and property. Then you will be able to make the best choice and decision which to buy and install.


Since the aluminum impact windows, the Lehigh Acres and aluminum impact windows Marco Island come with high value, make sure you they come with clear warranty. You can discuss this aspect of the deal with your customer service agent and negotiate for a win-win solution. What is at stake here is your life and property. You cannot simply gamble on these.

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