High Quality Durable Impact-Resistant Windows in Captiva Island, Florida

Secure your home with high-quality, energy-efficient and durable impact-resistant windows with vinyl and aluminum frames. There are a variety of styles of impact windows you can choose from.

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Guardian Hurricane Protection can replace and construct a new window without compromising your style.  Our impact resistant windows passed Miami-Dade County Large Missile test and have proven to withstand winds of nearly 300MPH.

Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows

Guardian Hurricane Protection is the trusted impact windows provider for homeowners and businesses in Captiva Islands, Florida. Offering an aesthetically beautiful window that gives protection and peace of mind.

  • Impact windows are designed to avoid hassle and to provide a 24 hour hurricane protection.

  • High impact hurricane windows are a great alternative to storm shutters.

  • Built with an inter layer sealed between two layers of glass making it hard for burglaries to entry through.

  • Improve energy efficiency to many homeowners and businesses

  • 99% UV protection that enters your home, keeping your furniture, carpeting and floor color in best condition.

  • A great investment to homeowners and businesses

Aluminum Impact Windows in Captiva Island, Florida

The materials used in manufacturing aluminum impact windows can be tailored for almost any frame shape you’d like. It is lightweight, strong, durable and low maintenance, and also comes in a variety of colors.

Aluminum Impact Windows are available in most styles and shapes including:

Vinyl Windows in Captiva Island, Florida

Vinyl windows have better insulators against heat and cold, its finish on vinyl windows are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and does not need painting and require less maintenance.

Guardian Hurricane Windows

It is crucial that you choose the best and right windows for your home. Guardian Hurricane Protection has technicians that are packed with ideas to help you with your decisions.  Whether you want to match your house’s features or want an emergency-efficient window you can count on us.

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