Naples Bahama Hurricane Shutters

Protect your property and valuable items when a hurricane strikes in Naples, Florida. Bahama Shutters provide the protection you need such as guarding your windows against high impact winds, blocking flying objects, and protecting your windows during a hurricane. Beyond protection, Bahama Shutters are stylish and classic. They add a great amount of fashion and elegance to any property.

Guardian Hurricane Protection in Naples, Florida offers Bertha Bahama Shutters, the most trusted name in Hurricane Protection. Call us at 239-438-4732 or request a quote here.

Bahama Hurricane Shutters

Complete Service

We are an authorized dealer of Bertha Hurricane Shutters. We offer on-site consultation, From design to installation of your custom window & door needs, we manage the project from start to finish to ensure complete satisfaction.

Energy Efficiency and Appeal

Bertha™ Bahama Shutters come in a wide variety of choices, including different louver styles and varying levels of strength. Improve the beauty of your home with a product that will provide that “Tropical or Caribbean Look”! Get hurricane protection while adding some aesthetic quality to your Home. Two types that are tested and approved with an Impact rating. There are several different styles that are for decorative purposes that double as “Sun Protection”.

One style for the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) and one Impact rated for the Non-HVHZ. Our “Impact” style is the ultimate in strength. The “High Visibility” style has elements of strength and it features a louver design that eliminates the need for backing and for moving parts by incorporating louvers with a special angle and spacing to maximize outward vision and inward light transmission.

Our other frames feature a sleek “low profile” design that is minimally intrusive and promotes a high aesthetic quality that is sure to accentuate any Home’s beauty! Louver designs that are 1” or 2”, that simulate wood blades or Z- shaped for a traditional look. Energy efficiency and beauty all rolled into one product!

Bertha™ HV™ Bahamas come in a wide variety of choices. All of them provide unmatched beauty and energy savings. Some are for shade and decorative purposes only, while other provide Code approved Hurricane protection. Reduce your electric bill while adding decorative flair!

Why Choose Guardian Hurricane Protection?

Bahamas Shutters
Bahamas Shutters

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Guardian Hurricane Protection is a fully licensed and insured State of Florida Certified General Contractor. We are OSHA Certified, have an outstanding safety record and conduct regular on-site safety meetings. Our goal is zero time lost on the job. We are a Nami Certified Manufacturer,PGT Glazing CertifiedEuroWall Installation Certified, an ASSA Member and a Solar Energy Contractor.


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