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Advantages and Designs of a Sliding Glass Door

Sometimes the key to opening up your living space is replacing an ordinary entry door with beautiful sliding glass doors. The sheer amount of natural light sliding glass doors offer plus the visual illusion of more space can truly transform a room. Here are the advantages and designs of sliding glass doors by Guardian Hurricane Protection.

Make a Statement

Don’t pass up the chance for a little drama. You might be thinking about simply replacing one door with another, but the truth is that you can go big with sliding glass, creating a wide bank of floor-to-ceiling windows and opening up a view you may not even have imagined.

Customize Your Look

Choosing from flat or raised grid patterns for the glass and different hardware finishes allows you to create a more personalized look that complements your existing. And your options for window treatments are practically endless, from barely-there sheers suspended on thin rods to custom-made blinds to wall-mounted fabric panels that mimic traditional curtains but don’t actually cover the doors, preserving your beautiful new view.

Make Energy Efficiency Your Priority

There’s a flip side to letting in lots of natural light: big windows can present issues with heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. That’s why you should never choose sliding glass doors that aren’t energy efficient.

Try New Models Before You Decide

Today’s sliding glass door options are easy to use and extremely secure. If you grew up in an old house with a cranky set of patio doors you might be reluctant to go that route again. But today’s sliding glass doors are smooth as silk to operate thanks to some nifty engineering and high-quality craftsmanship. Plus they’re exceptionally tough for thieves to break into.

Our sliding glass options are on display in all of our showroom locations at Guardian Hurricane Protection, come visit us anytime or contact us for a free estimate to see just how beautiful and functional sliding glass can be. We’d love to show you what’s possible!

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