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Advantages, Quality, and Design of Guardian Hurricane’s Sliding Glass Door

During a hurricane, flying debris can pierce the glass in regular windows and doors, resulting in wind and water damage inside your home. Guardian Hurricane Protection sliding glass doors in Florida can withstand repeated impacts from hurricane-force winds. Even if the glass is damaged, it will remain secure in its frame and continue to keep the elements outside. While non-impact resistant sliding glass doors shatter easily upon contact and offer little resistance, the durable inter-layer used in our quality and durable products from Guardian Hurricane will keep the sliding glass doors in Florida in place and provide an additional barrier. Check out our most unique lines of sliding glass doors in Florida on the market today with the advantages, quality, and design of Guardian Hurricane’s sliding glass doors.


  • CGI impact-resistant sliding glass doors capture the look you desire, from traditional to contemporary.
  • Our sliding glass doors protect and insulate against every imaginable external event, from hurricanes to UV protection, outside noise, and forced entry
  • We use #10-1 ¼ inch stainless steel fasteners in each frame corner. Bigger, longer screws mean more frame strength, greater longevity, and better hurricane resistance.
  • The higher the max design pressure the more resistant to hurricane-strength winds. Our design pressure max is +110/-195.


  • Selecting Sentinel as your sliding glass door in Florida choice is also a smart investment for the following reasons:
  • Sentinel impact-resistant products increase the resale value of your property
  • Sentinel impact products will lower your code requirements for  property insurance premiums in most in    instances
  • Sentinel’s impact-resistant laminated glass reduces energy requirements for heating and cooling your property
  • Sentinel laminated pane of  glass provides improved security against intruders  Sentinel’s laminated glass eliminates up to 99% of UV ray damage to your interior furnishings
  • Sentinel’s laminated impact glass reduces outside noise transmission into the interior of your home or property


Protection from high energy bills/ energy efficient

PGT WinGuard Vinyl doors also provide outstanding energy

efficiency for lower heating and cooling bills. And there are options you can choose to lower those bills even more.

PGT WinGuard Vinyl doors come standard with:

  • Laminated insulating glass
  • Multi-chambered, vinyl frames
  • Warm-edge spacer technology

Options available to achieve ENERGY STAR® ratings for energy performance include:

  • High-performance Low-E to deflect solar heat gain and keep unwanted the heat outside your home.
  • Argon gas which helps reflect outside heat to regulate the temperatures inside your home.
  • Super Spacer® nXt™ which blocks air escape, improves a product’s thermal performance and durability and virtually eliminates condensation.


A) WinGuard® Aluminum Sliding Glass Door 770

  • Feature heavy-duty, extruded aluminum frames along with corrosion-resistant hardware fasteners with stainless-steel options
  • Are manufactured with laminated glass to ensure protection and are topped off with a powder-coat paint finish
  • Promise Effortless Hurricane Protection® Help deter intruders and is backed by one of the industry’s best warranties
  • Significantly reduce outdoor noise and filter out 99% of damaging UV ray
  • Offer ENERGY STAR® qualified configuration
  • Are customizable with frame colors, hardware finishes, glass tints, grid styles, and patterns
  • With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why PGT WinGuard is the best-selling brand of impact-resist impact-resistant doors

B) WinGuard® Aluminum Sliding Glass Door 780

  • Dual-point locking mechanism
  • Provides added security by restricting panels from being lifted off the tracks
  • Heavy-duty tandem rollers
  • Allow easy opening with just your fingertips
  • Optional unique, stylish handles available
  • Optional screens available
  • Standard or box screen
  • Standard glass options
  • Laminated Glass (impact-resistant)
  • Tempered Glass
Impact sliding glass doors in Florida by Guardian Hurricane Protection will provide secure access to outdoor spaces, fresh air and natural light to your living areas. Our quality sliding glass doors are designed and manufactured for years of reliable performance and smooth operation. When imagining the event of a hurricane, the first thing that comes to mind to most people is nailing boards to your windows and doors. It is for a good reason; this old-fashioned method is a cheap extra layer of sliding glass door for hurricane protection in cases of emergency. There are plenty of good options for securing your sliding glass doors; there is no specific answer on which one to choose, but the more  you learn, the safer your property is. Hurricane season is a yearly event, and the good accessories protect you for years. For price match guarantee, seamless installation, and top customer support, we encourage you to consider our services and products at Guardian Hurricane Protection’s sliding glass doors and call today to get a free consultation from our professionals.