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What is the Best Aluminum Impact Windows Brand?

Aluminum impact hurricane windows is powder-coated frames provide superior strength and durability. Insulated glass offers increased energy efficiency as well as noise reduction and impact protection.

Optional Low-E and verity of glass tints provide excellent energy savings and maximum impact protection.

If you’re looking to match your existing units that require higher design pressure, Aluminum impact hurricane windows are your best option.  Our products exceed Florida Building Code specifications and are tested to both ASTM and Miami-Dade protocols for large and small missile impact resistance.

Best Aluminum Impact Window Brand in Southwest Florida


Unparalleled elegance is the first impression, and a lasting one.

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CGI impact resistant windows and doors capture the look you desire, from traditional to contemporary. The sheer beauty is matched by remarkable functionality. Add in the finest selection of glass and colors, including a variety of Aspen wood grain finishes and it is no wonder top designers and architects prefer the CGI Estate Collection for their most upscale projects and exclusive homes.

CGI Estate Collection

The Estate Collection offers so much strength and durability that we can offer windows, sliding glass doors and entry doors in heights of up to 10 feet tall. It’s the perfect choice Aluminum frames that are up to 100% thicker than competitors and windows that withstand winds of nearly 300 mph is just the beginning of the Estate Collection story.

It also exceeds the Florida Building Code and the Miami-Dade estate gives you maximum protection estate offers larger sizes for homeowners that desire beautiful, unobstructed views without sacrificing protection. 10 foot tall windows are a tall order for other manufacturers to meet.


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Aluminum framed products offer smart solutions for quality windows and doors for your residential and light commercial use in both new construction and replacement window projects.

We use extruded aluminum frames that are mechanically fastened at the corners for added strength, and the finished product receives corrosion resistant hardware to provide a lifetime of steadfast durability.

PGT ClassicVue Max Aluminum

Aluminum Performance

PGT Aluminum product certifications, ratings and testing include:

PGT Aluminum Windows

Each PGT Aluminum window and door meets or exceeds the International Building Code for:

At WinDoor, our high-performance windows and doors do more than beautify. They are built to protect. To lend incredible new design opportunities. And to keep the outside world outside of the world’s most elite homes.

We were founded on challenging convention. On always finding the very best way. From impact-resistant windows providing massive views, to energy-efficient doors, to industry-pushing designs, we manufacture each order to custom specifications. Welcome to doors and windows that transcend the ordinary.

Florida’s Leading Aluminum Impact Windows Provider

When it comes to hurricane protection, Guardian Hurricane Protection is the all-in-one solution partner. Our team of technicians is on call 24 hours a day and fully equipped with the tools to install, repair and maintain impact-resistant windows and doors. Our high-quality products and affordable services will keep your property protected and safe.

Guardian Hurricane Protection is a fully licensed and insured State of Florida Certified General Contractor. We are OSHA Certified, have an outstanding safety record and conduct regular on-site safety meetings. Our goal is zero time lost on the job. We are a Nami Certified Manufacturer PGT Glazing Certified, EuroWall Installation Certified, an ASSA Member and a Solar Energy Contractor.

Call Guardian Hurricane Protection at 239-438-4732 or connect with us online to schedule a free estimate and consultation.