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Energy Efficient Low-E Glass for Window and Door Replacement

Our environment is in danger because of our own doing. Ozone layers are becoming thinner, climate change is alarming, and global warming is real. One reason for this is our energy consumption. The use of electricity is one of the reasons behind climate change and global warming. Over 75% of electricity worldwide is produced by burning fossil fuels. 40% of total U.S. energy-related carbon dioxide emissions came from power plants, which burn fossil fuels and some geothermal power plants. fuels, such as coal, are the main element in producing electricity. The burning of these fossil fuels sent gases into the air, which is mainly composed of carbon dioxide. At around 1.7 times, coal produces much carbon dioxide when flamed. Carbon dioxide is one of the heat trapping gases, keeps the Earth’s temperature to sustain life. However, too much CO2 leaves us to experience global warming where there is an increase in the average Earth temperature.

One way to address global warming is by minimizing energy consumption. Cutting energy consumption not only can reduce your electricity bill, but can also help save us and our planet. Purchasing energy efficient materials also became popular as a way to conserve energy. You too can save the earth by purchasing a Low-E glass window.

Guardian Hurricane Protection offers energy-efficient Low-E glass window. Low-E or Low emissivity glass is a type of energy efficient glass which reflects radiant energy. When the sun shines through your window, if it is a low-e glass, it will reflect unwanted heat energy while allowing the visible light to pass through. It keeps your room bright while keeping your room cool. This keeps the usage of light and cooling system at a minimum level.

Our products exceed Florida Building Code specifications and are tested to both ASTM and Miami-Dade protocols for large and small missile impact resistance. We specialize in window replacement for both residential and commercial buildings. We are proud to be the best value in Naples, Marco Island, Fort Myers, Estero, Lehigh Acres, Bonita Springs, and Cape Coral.
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