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FAQs You Need to Know About French Doors

For most homeowners owning a front French door is a symbol of majesty and prestige. It gives the house owner a sense of identity for visitors that create a good and lasting first impression memory. They’re right! French doors offer elegance and functionality looks that add charisma to a home.  

Though considering French doors are widely popular and loved by many, still, a lot of people don’t understand and don’t know the reasons why. We at Guardian Hurricane Protection encounter a lot of questions from our customers when it comes to French door replacementsinstallations, and sales.

Guardian Hurricane Protection, since 1990, is a recognized leader in the South West Florida hurricane protection industry. Our product specialists, efficient office staff, and expert installation crews are committed to delivering quality products, exceptional service, and value to each and every customer. 

Here we prepared a guide of Frequently Asked Questions with answers to share with those who are not familiar with French doors who might ask:

What is French door?

French doors, also known popularly as French windows, are doors that come in pairs (sometimes) of different sizes with panels of glass. Functionally, they link adjacent rooms and are commonly used as both interior and exterior doors.

Types of French Doors:

1. External (French Patio Doors)

French doors, also known popularly as French windows, are doors that come in pairs (sometimes) of different sizes with panels of glass. Functionally, they link adjacent rooms and are commonly used as both interior and exterior doors.

French (Swing) Series 450 Patio Doors in Fort Myers

2. Interior French Doors

Interior French Doors is a combination of double doors fitted as one in a single room. Creating more space, brightening the room twice, and stylishly divides the rooms into two. They are functionally beneficial at the same time with a practical purpose.

French (Swing) Series 160 Doors in Fort Myers

3. Sliding French Doors

Sliding French doors are classically designed that fascinates many. While they may look like a combination of both exterior and interior French doors, they can be opened by swinging and out. Either side of the sliding doors is built with fixed panes of glass that the doors overlap when open.
French (Swing) Series 450 Patio Doors in Fort Myers

Type of Glasses:

Considering there are several types of glasses all over the market, but we will cover only the common ones used for French doors:  

1. Laminated Glass (Impact-resistant)

Typically most French doors are made of impact-resistant laminated glass. Functionally by choice, it is highly useful and beneficial against burglary and thieves. Laminated glasses are made of two-layered plies of glass bonded together forming an impenetrable protective layering.   

2. Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is more like laminated glass in strength and durability, provided it is much sturdier than even if it does crack or shatter it likely will not fall out of its frame.

Features of French Doors:

When it comes to versatility and functionalities, French Doors has a lot to offer:

1. Accessibility

French doors are flexible and perfect for bringing the outside inside of your house. There are several options you can do with French doors such as:

At Guardian Hurricane Protection, our wide range selection of finishes, glass, and hardware makes it easy to design a door system that compliments your home. Our CGI French Door models are suitably best in bringing the comfort of the outside atmosphere inside your house.

2. Energy Efficient

Modern French door designs offer energy efficiency. The glass used is strongly built and highly durable that allows better insulation at the same time it can withstand weather elements.

Guardian’s designers will make sure that our additional decorative features will create a perfect opportunity to provide you the French Doors having individuality and personality tailored to your requirements.

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3. More Spacious

French doors are space savers that can easily swing in and out. Its wide-open style attracts more natural light making the room more visually spacious and perceptively comforting.       

At Guardian Hurricane Protection, we have a range of French Door models allowing you to create a sophisticated living space, offering a wide range of design styles and finishes.

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4. A Valuable Investment

If you are planning to sell your home, lucky for you, French doors can add more value to its worth. Besides offering superb aesthetic looks when buyers open the front door, they can show more potential features that can increase the sale competitively higher than expected. French doors have always proven to be a smart investment choice.

Our experts can work with you to help with your concept and execute a flawless French door installation design backed by our reputation and manufacturer’s warranty.

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