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Five Benefits of PGT® WinGuard® Aluminum Window and Door


PGT® WinGuard® Aluminum products are an excellent value for your hard-earned money. With the price of ordinary shutters and windows, what you get is a well-engineered and beautiful product to provide reliable protection.

PGT® WinGuard® Aluminum products are standard with high-quality powder-coat paint, rigid mechanically-fastened corners, well-engineered laminated glass, heavy-duty, extruded aluminum frames, corrosion-resistant hardware and fasteners with stainless-steel options, and with ETERNA® Finish (PGT’s ETERNA Finish provides an authentic wood look to complement those attributes without sacrificing the strength and durability of aluminum).

Our products are the superior choice for preserving your house and other properties in its fine-looking form. PGT® is the expert on impact-resistance. We are the best-selling impact-resistant brand in the U.S. as tested by the homeowners. You can be assured that every PGT® WinGuard® Aluminum Window and Door is among the safest, most robust, and most reliable products in the industry. PGT® assures unmatched value in every PGT® WinGuard® Aluminum Window and every PGT® WinGuard® Aluminum Door. The provision of superior materials represents our reputation.


PGT® WinGuard® Aluminum products are tested for performance. We are confident in our products. You can be assured of our PGT® products. Our windows and doors are uncompromisingly tested to check that they meet the demanding standards of the industry’s certifying organizations. These accreditations are your assurance of superiority and your guarantee that PGT is proud of the products we manufacture. Every PGT® WinGuard® Aluminum Window and Door are certified with Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance, International Building Code, Florida Product Approval, National Fenestration Rating Council® (NFRC), Sound Transmission Class (STC), and ENERGY STAR®. PGT® WinGuard® Aluminum products pass through extensive testing hours to ensure strength and optimal performance. Every PGT® WinGuard® Aluminum Window and PGT® WinGuard® Aluminum Door are even badged to meet or surpass the International Building Code for structural integrity, air infiltration, Forced-entry resistance, deglazing, Water resistance and even small and large missile impact protection.


PGT® WinGuard® Aluminum Window and Door takes pride in our 10-year warranty on the frame and laminated glass unit and Limited lifetime warranty on the insulating glass unit. Your property is protected without lifting a finger because these windows and doors can face head-on hurricanes and storms. PGT® WinGuard® Aluminum products will make your home appealing and help you save time, energy, storage space, and money by doing away with the ugly, hard to install shutters.


PGT® WinGuard® Aluminum products’ strong interlayer and durable frame give you peace of mind day and night. Our products can make you feel you are effortlessly secured and protected. It is built to protect you and your property all year long. Our products can benefit you against home destroyers like Hurricane season, noise reduction, security against vandals, thieves, and intruders, and a 99% reduction in the fading of products inside your home caused by UV light. Having a secure home can help you save insurance premiums as a result.


PGT® WinGuard® Aluminum products can be built to your specific needs. Highly customizable. Each project is unique. Our products can be tailored fit to the exact specifications of your home in style. Your decision to perfectly fit your own style will range you with choices of glass tints, high-performance Low-E (to deflect solar heat gain and keep unwanted heat outside your home), Sea Turtle Protection Code (lighting ordinance to protect Sea Turtles along the Florida coastline during nesting season by restricting the amount of light permitted through windows and doors), glass options, frame colors, and grid styles and patterns.

Your money’s worth and safety are non-negotiable. Contact Guardian Hurricane Protection at 239-438-4732 / 239-237-1448 for faster response or visit for more details and services. These five actual Benefits of PGT® WinGuard® Aluminum Window and Door can give value for your money and all-day peace of mind in securing your family and home. Remember, you can customize your reliable protection in style.