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How to Maintain Your Accordion Hurricane Shutters in Fort Myers, FL

Hurricane Rolling Shutters deliver security, affordability, hurricane defense and excellent solutions to large span, upper floor windows and high rise buildings.

How to Properly Maintain Hurricane Shutters

1. Keep Tracks Clean

It is important to keep your shutter’s tracks clean. Regularly wash them and inspect for dirt build up, insect nests and other particles that could case problem with your shutters operation.

2. Lubricate Tracks

Lubricate your tracks twice a year with silicone spray lubricant which you can buy at any hardware store. You would like to avoid oily lubricants, dirt and salt build app faster with this type of lubricant. Lubricate the thumbscrews twice a year to ensure that you can remove the locking pins of your accordion shutter.

3. Wash Shutters

It is necessary to keep your shutters clean and looking at its best. Use warm water, soap and a soft brush to clean it at least twice in a year. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, pads or hard brushes that could cause damage to your shutters. Clean your shutter in open and folded position to ensure its cleanliness.

4. Operate Shutters at Least Once a Month

Check if your shutter is operating perfectly every months. It is important that you operate your shutter to prevent damages and brittle. Operating your shutter regularly even when you don’t need it will help you keep the tracks clear and smoothly moving.

Regularly operating your shutter will give you peace of mind knowing your shutter works perfectly fine when a hurricane or tropical storm happens.

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