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Standard Features You Need to Know When Choosing a Horizontal Rolling Window

When it comes to choosing what kind of windows to use, one has to be careful and wise in consideration to make that big decision, which will make a significant influence on the overall look of your home or business. 

Significantly, windows are important as part of the appearance. Windows provide light and visibility, ventilation, warmth and aesthetic beauty to your home. Apart from the overall budgeting construction of the house, most people spend 10 to 15 percent of their budget on windows and doors alone.

Let Guardian Hurricane Protectionthe expert in providing homeowners and businesses the highest quality of sales and installation of window replacement, entry doors, sliding doors, French doors and hurricane shutters in Lee, Collier, and Charlotte Counties, help you with your window concerns by discussing why you need horizontal rolling windows and its standard features for your homes:  

What is a Horizontal Rolling Window?

Nowadays, there are many types of windows, however, perhaps the most common and popular is the horizontal rolling or sliding windows. Horizontal rolling windows consisted of a one fixed pane of glass, about a half size the width of the full window and a second pane, the movable pane of glass of equal size that can slide horizontally across to the inside of the fixed panes.

Horizontal rolling windows are popular probably due to its economical configuration. Consisted of a handle and lock mechanism in the center or along one edge, and with a secondary security ventilation lock, allowing the user to open the window and lock in the same position.

Basically, horizontal rolling windows offer unhindered, open and wide views of the outdoors. People from the inside can directly and openly see the outsides. Considering its standard size and design, they can provide healthy and bright sunlight to enter the room and maximum ventilation all over the house can be achieved properly. Below are some of its standard features you should consider before making that decision:  

Highly Durable and Strong

Horizontal rolling windows are aluminum-built offering superior strength and robustness. Aluminum will not rot, crack, warp, bow, fade or break down under extreme weather conditions like the blazing sun or heavy rain and winds. Additionally, as compared to conventional windows that have pulleys and springs, they are built with glazing which adds more stability and strength. Specifically designed for coastal area residences, where everyday temperature changes over time from humid to cool temperatures, making it your impact- resistant and anti- weather conditions’ horizontal rolling windows. 

Simple to Use

Designed and constructed for user convenience and comfort, making it easy to close and open just by rolling or sash sliding from side to side. Some people find a sliding glass window easier to slide from right to left by simply releasing the latch and glide along with the window frame with greater ease, as compared to crank-style windows. Constructed without protrusions, horizontal rollers are the right choice for rooms facing walkways, porches or patios, where visibility and lighting matters most.

Low Maintenance and Cost-Effective

Probably, this is the reason why horizontal rolling windows are so common in more contemporary homes, townhomes, and apartments- fewer parts. Compared to conventional windows, horizontal windows have fewer moving parts, making them the most low-maintenance and cost-effective window choice. Besides, it is easy to clean. Cleaning from your second-story would be simple and convenient, simply just by popping out the operable pane for a task to be done. The best part, you can have big savings since there is no need to hire professional window washers.  

Energy Efficient

The modernized glazing designs enhance better insulation and energy efficiency. The tight sealing of the rolling window separates the insides of the house temperature from the outside, providing almost-no-loss of energy distribution and your home energy bills will lower down, which eventually results in big savings on maintenance costs. Ideally best for residences along with coastal areas, where its windows should be energy efficient that offers better insulation with great comfort and peace of mind. 

Just a reminder, before deciding to choose that new window for your home, consider what type of windows works properly and right for you and that can improve your home’s energy efficiency, as based on your climate and the home’s design.  

And if you happen to consider our horizontal rolling windows, you have made the right choice and have come to the right place. Check out below our latest Horizontal Rolling Window – Scout Aluminum Horizontal Roller HR4010A model :

Horizontal Rolling Window – Scout Aluminum Horizontal Roller HR4010A:

  • Key Highlights:
  • Model No. : HR4010A
  • Construction: Aluminum Made
  • Configurations: 2- and 3-Lite Configurations
  • Rollers: Adjustable Brass Rollers
  • Maximum Flange Sizes: 
  • XO or OX: 74″ x 72″, XOX 1/4-1/2-1/4: 120″ x 63″,  XOX 1/3-1/3-1/3: 90″ x 63″
  • Frame Color: Standard White /Bronze(Optional)
  • Grid: Raised-1” Shallow Exterior Grid(Flat Bar Exterior) /Flat Grid-9/16” Wide (Between Glass)
  • Locks: Jamb Lock
  • Glass Tints: Clear/Bronze/Gray   

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