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Transforming an Old Door with Glass Inserts, Sidelights, and Transoms

House and building features nowadays have not only improved to give people their much needed security and shelter but also allowed the owners to take pride in their beauty and multiple functions. You can now transform an old or standard door with custom glass door inserts; and your door will not only serve its original purpose of being an entrance and exit to your abode and protection from outside elements, it will now be enhanced and provide natural illumination to its interiors. With this type of door, you can also enjoy the view outside in the comfort of your couch.

However, before you buy the idea of changing your old door to this great new feature, it would be wise to know the different types and possible choices in store for you. Enough knowledge and understanding of what you prefer and what you need will be of great advantage.


You may want to choose sidelights. These are the windows that frame either side of your entry door. You can customize the number of frames according to the shape, size and glass type that would suit your door as well as your structural design. The custom glass door inserts Bonita Springs, for instance, have professional staff that will show you how this works.


Another type you can choose is transoms. These are windows that go over the door. Just like the sidelights, you can also customize them to suit your door type and change its overall appearance. If you want an arched entrance around your rectangular door, for example, you can have it installed according to your preference through custom glass door inserts Cape Coral.

Decorative glass and caming

You have surely seen decorative glass in other homes and buildings; it can be installed in your place to complement the architectural design of your home and improve its aesthetic and functional features. Along with your glass design is the so-called caming. Caming refers to the metal bars that put beveled and textured glass in place. With caming, you will be assured of secure and stable custom glass door inserts Estero.

Clear or textured

Another point to consider when transforming your old door is the choice of the kind of glass you will install. You can opt for clear glass especially if the view outside is remarkable. On the other hand, you can opt for textured clothing if you want more privacy. Textured glass comes in different types such as: granite glass and granite rain glass. These can also give a distinct imprint on your choice and personality. Privacy rating is also a thing you will consider with the higher the rating, the more privacy the glass gives. Completely transparent glass has a zero rating while opaque has a ten as a rating. Just visit custom glass door inserts Fort Myers and look at the sample designs.

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