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Unique Qualities and Features of Bahama Hurricane Shutter

In case you didn’t know, window shutters are the in-thing now. Folks have fallen in love with this newest trend when it comes to protection because not only does it provide top-notch defense against strong winds and flying objects during tropical storms, hurricane shutters also add to the appeal of our homes by increasing its value and aesthetic allure while also protecting our windows.

Our homes are our havens. This sanctuary should be where our families and loved ones feel the most secure, comfortable and safe in. This is especially true during natural calamities. Protection should always be a top priority in our homes during these times. There’s no other place like home so we also have to make sure that our house’ protection is like no other all year round.

But providing protection to our homes doesn’t have to look bulky and ugly. Some homeowners might think that they have to sacrifice comfort and style in order to feel secure during storms. But this is not the case with the Guardian Hurricane Protection’s line of hurricane shutters.

Here in the Guardian Hurricane Protection, we are always in tune with our client’s concerns. So we make sure that we design our products based on what our clients need and want. Our hurricane shutters have a wide variety of designs but what caught most of our clients’ attention is the Bahama Hurricane Shutters.


Four wordselegant, stylish and solid protection. This hurricane shutter was specially designed to deliver not just one but all four of these characteristics. Now you don’t have to worry about hurricane shutters ruining the overall appeal of your house, in fact with this specific hurricane shutter, it might just have the opposite effect.

Bahama Hurricane Shutters are elegant and stylish. It’s the trendiest and newest addition to our line of hurricane shutters. This specific design enhances your house’ facade by providing you with a wide selection of colors and designs, all made to suit our clients’ specific and varying tastes.

Bahama Hurricane Shutters by the Guardian Hurricane Protection also provide solid protection. Don’t be fooled by these cute additions to your windows because though they look adorable, they can greatly hold their own against strong storms, providing you and your windows with solid defense against high impact winds and flying debris. These hurricane shutters having adjustable louvered slats, also allow you to control the right amount of shade, light, and air that you want without comprising the view.

Since we always go the extra mile to make sure that our clients are happy and satisfied, we in the Guardian Hurricane Protection provide our clients with a free design consultation. This is to make sure that we got your hurricane shutters envisioned design and specifications to our professionals will be helping you in customizing your preferred shutters while making sure that the design will still give you unparalleled protection and style.

The Guardian Hurricane Protection is now servicing all residents in Bonita SpringsCape CoralEsteroFort MyersLehigh AcresMarco Island, and Naples, offering you a free home design consultation and quote. Don’t hesitate to call us for your inquiries at 239-438-4732 / 239-237-1448 or visit our website at for more details and services.