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What is the best Aluminum Impact Windows Brand / Model in Fort Myers?

The installation of Fort Myers Best Impact Windows with a low-cost material but with a high degree of durability has been getting popularity in the US. This popular type of window with the incorporation of a modern-day advancement refers to an aluminum window.

It is exceptionally cheap but with the utmost strength and durability. Though the weight of aluminum is light, its strength is comparable with that of the metal. That is why aluminum is fit for the utilization of residential and commercial applications with minimal maintenance requirements.

Aluminum has the following attributes:

  1. Affordable – it is cheaper than any other window frames. 
  2. Durable – aluminum windows may last up to 30 years because it has a resistance feature. 
  3. Low maintenance requirement – it has a higher strength to weight ratio making itself harder to bend or dent

For Fort Myers Impact Windows need In Fort Myers, FL, it is strongly advised to utilize high-quality materials like aluminum. The Fort Myers hurricane impact windows are getting the reputation it deserves as it provides superior strength. With the use of this type of material, it supports any glass option in the market. There are lots of aluminum products in Fort Myers but the following brands stand-out as far as the Fort Myers hurricane impact windows installation is concerned:


1. The CGI impact-resistant windows and doors are the best contemporary products with unparalleled elegance and exquisite fixtures with remarkable functionality. These windows and doors provide the utmost protection to the residential home or commercial facility that has the insulation against every imaginable disaster such as but not limited to hurricane and man-made forced entry. Moreover, they extend an aesthetic appearance that fit with the architectural curve of your structural edifice.

CGI Impact-resistant products utilize the #10-1 ¼ inch stainless steel fasteners in each window frame corner that provide greater longevity and resistance against the natural calamity. Aside from that, it has over 100% higher design pressures and a thicker glass with a pressure max of +110/-195.

Because of this, designers and architects prefer the CGI Estate Collection for their most upscale projects. The CGI impact-resistant windows are suited for many applications.

PGT Window

2. In addition, there’s also the PGT Aluminum windows, which have been assembled for the utmost reliability performance complemented by its smooth and quiet operation. Also, it includes a double weather-stripping and interlocking meeting rails to keep the wind and water out. For your information, we as the Fort Myers PGT Windows Installer exceed the International Building Code for the following attributes:

  • Air infiltration
  • Water resistance
  • Deglazing
  • Forced-entry resistance
  • Structural integrity

Regardless of the size of your floor area and even its architectural style of your main house, thus, they are low maintenance requirement that fits any budget.

3. Windoor is another aluminum brand with the high-end products land the Fort Myers Windoor Installers recommends the following:
  1. 4030 Aluminum window wall – which is the ceiling-to-floor aluminum window wall with impact and non-impact applications
  2. 3000 Aluminum picture window -non-operable fixed picture window with heavy-duty materials for high-impact and non-impact applications
  3. 4000 Aluminum single hung window – a heavy-duty single hung window contains a lower sash that operates vertically while an aluminum frame holds the glass in a fixed position above
  4. 4070 Aluminum horizontal rolling window – a high-impact and non-impact pass-through horizontal rolling window
  5. 238 Estate casement aluminum casement window -is an extremely clean line for maximum curb appeal
  6. 238 Estate picture aluminum picture window – it facilitates an exquisite view of the outdoors
  7. 238 Estate project-out aluminum project out the window – is the perfect complement to the 238 Estate Picture window and Casement window
  8. 360 Estate aluminum single hung window – this single Hung window provides the cornerstone of any room
  9. 375 Estate aluminum horizontal roller window – a horizontal Roller window deliver beauty and exceptional functionality with smooth operation
  10. 410 Estate aluminum picture window – a picture window that maximizes the view with one of the largest openings available

If you are in dire need to get hold of the mentioned products, please feel free to contact Guardian Hurricane Protection at 239-438-4732 / 239-237-1448 for faster response or visit for more details and services.

We are the most popular Fort Myers Window Installer and we provide the highest quality products and installation of window replacement, entry doors, sliding doors, French doors, hurricane shutters, and aluminum impact-resistant products. We are a performance-driven company that aims to provide the utmost customer satisfaction on aluminum product installation.

As a Fort Myers CGI Window Installerwe make sure that the corresponding installation is properly fixed, our technicians were highly-trained to conduct such installation. 

For your reference, we offer a wide array of aluminum products:

1. Windows Replacement, Sliding Glass Doors, Entry Doors and Hurricane Shutter Solutions Company


2. Scout Aluminum Single Hung SH4000A


3.  Classicvue Max™ Aluminum Casement CA640


4. Winguard® Aluminum Awning AW740


5. 4030 Aluminum Window Wall


6.  Scout Aluminum Horizontal Roller HR4010A


7.  3000 Aluminum Picture Window


8. Fixed Window Series 4120A –

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