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What to Expect from Guardian Hurricane’s Entry Doors in Southwest Florida

As your favorite door supplier and installer in Southwest Florida, we know a thing or two about the best companies for entry doors in Southwest Florida. Guardian Hurricane Protection is Southwest Florida’s leading supplier of entry doors, so builders and remodelers prefer our entry door systems. The intent of this article is to give you an idea of what to expect if you decide to purchase  Guardian Hurricane Protection’s  Entry Doors.


An entry door Southwest Florida must not only be beautiful, but you also want the best entry doors to provide maximum-security home doors can offer to protect your loved ones. When it comes to security, glass, wood, or steel entry doors are acceptable. Regardless of which door you choose, you want to make sure it fits tightly into the frame with no more than 1/8″ clearance between the door and the frame and is fitted with secure, high-quality door locks. Not only will these features give you security, but they’ll also help prevent drafts and reduce heating costs.


Your entry door should be an acoustic barrier.  The thickness of your door largely determines how well it blocks noise; however, glass components can diminish the door’s performance as an acoustic barrier.

Curb Appeal

A  home with an enhanced entryway added to its perceived value by as much as five times the cost of the door itself. Choosing a Guardian Hurricane’s Entry door means you are adding style and curb appeal to your home. At a time when homeowners are looking to get the most out of every dollar, they spend on their home, installing an attractive new front entryway is a cost-effective investment that can have a big impact.


The price of a replacement entry door will depend on the size of the door you need, the number of panels you choose, and whether or not you choose lites and/or sidelites to border your entry door in it. In general, the more panels a door has, the more expensive it is. Adding lites to a door can also increase the cost, and if you do select lites, the type of glass you choose will be one of the main determining factors for cost.

Please contact Guardian Hurricane Protection if you have questions about your options for entry doors, or if you would like to visit our showroom to see more of our samples and work with our consultants to configure a door that suits your needs and your taste. Guardian Hurricane Protection is proud to serve the Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Marco Island, and Naples area!  A new door can give your home or business a crisp new look sure to brighten up your curb appeal. We take pride in our work from the design consultation, sales to installation.  With a large selection section of doors from traditional to contemporary, we have a door to fit your personal desired features, functionality and budget. A first impression only happens once! We welcome the opportunity to work with you. For a free quote or call 239-438-4732 / 239-237-1448.