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What You Need To Know When Planning for a Window Wall in Naples, Florida

Nothing brightens a room like natural light shining through a big window, but what if you could amplify that effect? The addition of a window wall means you can make the most of your outside view, whether that’s a stunning outdoor landscape or a bustling urban scene. Further, window walls Bonita Springs add a breath of fresh luxury to any interior space, be it a residential home or a commercial property in Naples, Florida.

About Window Walls

Window walls are essentially an entire wall transformed into a collage of windows. Of course, there are a lot of advantages to having a window wall including vastly improved natural light and a closer connection to nature.

Window walls are produced by placing glazing between the concrete slabs of the building. The slabs are utilized for structural support. Window walls are installed with a break between the glass, as well as slab covers to conceal the concrete. In addition, builders have found a way to install the window wall from the inside of the building which is safer, more efficient, and cost-effective.

The WinDoor 4030 aluminum window wall at Guardian Hurricane is an operable single hung window mulled within its own frame. With this product, you can enjoy a wonderful outside view with a ceiling to floor window wall. This choice product is completely glazed at the factory for high impact and non-impact certifications.

So if you’re planning to put a window wall in Cape Coral, FL  for your home, there are things you should know before you start work.

Larger Spaces

  • Window walls make rooms feel bigger which is clearly a great advantage if you are looking to sell the property.

Improved Natural Light

  • Natural light is a great ally to the movement as it reduces the need for electricity and can even help with energy costs. There are also several proven health benefits to incorporating more natural light into your home. People that live or work in buildings near natural light report being happier and more productive.

Connection to the Outdoors

  • Window walls are the best way to reduce the bridge between your interior walls and the outdoors.

Versatility in Design

  • As previously mentioned, you can custom-make an entire window wall or bridge together several single window units to create a greater window wall.

Improved curb appeal

  • Window walls are becoming a trendy new residential feature, especially in more upscale or contemporary neighborhoods. As a result, you can expect to improve your curb appeal by installing one whether you plan to sell or just want to impress friends, family, and neighbors.

Improved safety

  • Window walls actually require less engineering based on how they are installed into the concrete slab. It limits some of the safety hazards associated with windows and actually makes them much better at built-in fire stopping. It also limits outside noise and energy loss because of the sealed space between each window wall unit.

Modern homes are known for emphasizing openness and transparency. There is not a single better way to emphasize that approach than with a window wall.

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