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Why Choose Sentinel Impact Resistant Windows and Doors?

hurricane is one of the dreadful disasters in Florida and the neighboring states. It destroys residential homes and business facilities every year. In most cases, hurricane shatters glass windows and tears off doors unless otherwise the windows and door frames are manufactured with high-quality impact-resistant material.

The rampage of a hurricane is deadly as it will ruin everything it comes across may it be personal or real properties and it even takes human lives. That being said, the selection of high-quality windows and doors is indispensable to ensure the paramount safety of the residential home and business owners.

The installation of the window and door using an aluminum material will afford a high-end product. Aluminum windows and doors are impact resistant fixtures that can withstand the cruel hurricane rampage. To this end, the long term utilization of aluminum windows and doors will likewise be deemed a cost and energy-efficient sphere of action as it reduces the frequent conduct and completion of repairs and replacements of the fixtures.

Guardian Hurricane Protection is an expert in providing the residential home and business owners the highest-quality products and professional windows and doors installation, repair and replacements. We gained valuable experience and knowledge through the years about the significance of working with proper observation of the principles of integrity and reliability. Our utmost goal is to completely satisfy every client upon purchase of our products including the relevant window and door installations.

We are a licensed and insured business establishment in the State of Florida Certified General Contractor.

We offer the Sentinel impact-resistant windows and doors that support a greater diversity than vinyl frames. If you need to match the existing units or require higher design pressures, aluminum is your best option.

If you decide to invest in the hurricane impact resistant Sentinel window and door products for your residential home or commercial facility, you are taking a practical and wise decision. This product is engineered and manufactured using high-performance impact hurricane-resistant materials.

Sentinel’s windows and doors are customs manufactured to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your residential home and business or commercial facility while delivering the utmost protection from the most extreme weather conditions. Sentinel windows and doors are the best options to satisfy your window and door needs.

Moreover, our highly technical personnel will be the one to assist and provide you with prompt installation.

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