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Why Homeowners in Southwest Florida Prefer Hurricane Impact Sliding Glass Door

Southwest Florida is primarily known for its beautiful beaches, warm outdoors and warm weather. But the state is also known for being hit by tropical storms and hurricanes all too often throughout the year. As a state which is also known for its hurricane season, folks from Southwest Florida have to find the balance between enjoying the outdoors and the beauty it offers while also making sure that they get themselves protected from it when the time comes.


This hurricane impact sliding door from Guardian Hurricane Protection provides easy access to the great outdoors just from a simple slide of door panels from your living room while also making sure that it won’t leave you or your house vulnerable during tropical storms and can withstand hurricane impact.

Shattering and penetrating these impact sliding glass doors are almost impossible since most of them are made from several layers of glass and/or synthetic materials. Installing these impact glass sliding doors offers you peace of mind all year round since they don’t only provide your house added strength and protection against hurricanes, they also improve security in your homes against burglaries without compromising the quality and the great aesthetics of open-air construction, typically usual in Southwest Florida homes.

These glass doors from Guardian Hurricane Protection also help in reducing energy consumption which in turn reduces your electricity bills. Guardian Hurricane Protection have high-performance coating that reduces heat loss in your house during the colder months so you don’t have to use your heating system as often. These doors also reduce solar heat gain during the summer so the air conditioning unit doesn’t have to run as often. To add to that, these incredible doors increase the value of your home while also protecting you from harmful UV rays that might damage the pictures, furniture, draperies, flooring, and other valuables in your home.

Our glass doors are known for its reliable performance and smooth operation throughout the years. We have them in custom sizes, wood grain finishes, divided lite muntins, hardware upgrades and a selection of over 8 different glass tints, ensure that we have just the glass door that can match your vision. These hurricane impact sliding doors are all specifically designed to be aesthetically pleasing while also providing you protection, reducing outside noise and energy consumption in Bonita SpringsCape CoralEsteroFort MyersLehigh AcresMarco Island and Naples in Southwest Florida.

Guardian Hurricane Protectionthe company behind this magnificence of a glass door, has been an expert in providing excellent window replacement, entry doors, sliding doors, French doors and hurricane shutters to homeowners and business owners in Southwest Florida. We are an OSHA Certified, fully licensed and insured State of Florida Certified General Contractor so quality and excellence in our items and services are the norm for us. Now you don’t have to worry about bad weather when you partner with us. We will make sure that your homes will keep you safe and sound the whole year.

Make safety and protection your priority in your Southwest Florida homes without compromising aesthetic and beauty. Partner with Guardian Hurricane Protection to have access to a wide variety of high quality products and services. Call us now at 239-438-4732 / 239-237-1448 for faster response or visit for more details and services.