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12 Things You Must Know About Entry Doors When Preparing for Hurricane Season in Naples

Naples is one of the places in the world blessed with perfect sunny weather almost all year round. But it cannot be denied that it is a place visited by a rough average of 40 storms or hurricanes per year, mainly due to its location in the path of westbound Atlantic Hurricanes. Having your home near the coastline is lovely, but it has its repercussions like having to endure these many hurricanes a year. You can have your home secured by making sure your entry door can withstand heavy winds and flying objects brought about by storms and hurricanes. If your home is not yet well-protected, here are 12 things you must know about entry doors to prepare for the hurricane season.
  1.  What is a hurricane impact door?

An impact door is a specially designed door that can withstand heavy blows from storms and resist heavy objects thrown at it like what happens in a hurricane. Impact doors make the best choice to secure your home from both storms and burglars.
  1. What is the difference between an average entry door and an impact door?

An average entry door is usually made of two steel facings plus an insulating filler. Some entry doors are made from a solid wood block built with a handle and lock to ensure security. Conventional standard wood frames are made of wood or aluminum. An impact door is made from a combination of durable materials such as fiberglass, wood, and polyurethane that are proven and tested to withstand heavy blows and storms. It has reinforced hinges and enhanced door frames for better impact resistance.
  1. How much does an average impact door cost?

An average impact door of size 60 x 80 inches can cost around $1900.
  1. What are the best brands used to build high impact doors?

BHI Doors, ODL Door Glass, Plaspro Exterior Doors are some of the trusted impact door brands which use high-impact, durable materials and are compliant to the door codes of Florida.
  1. How is fiberglass an excellent material for hurricane-safe doors?

Entry doors made of fiberglass are specially engineered to withstand heavy winds and flying objects brought about by a hurricane. Fiberglass doors can be made to like wood but can protect your home for a more extended period and will not rot or warp, unlike real wood.
  1. Can aesthetics be done side-by-side with an impact entry door?

It is possible to have a strong, at the same time, aesthetically pleasing entry door. Fiberglass has this advantage of combining security and style. You can customize your entry door to your desired color and design, such as faux wood.
  1.  Why is aluminum a great building material for storm-resistant entry doors?

Aluminum is another excellent building material for storm-resistant entry doors. Aluminum is observed to be great at keeping wind and water out but can still retain air conditioning and heating in. Aluminum frames used in impact entry doors are mechanically attached, which explains its rigidity. Similar to fiberglass material, aluminum can also be customized according to your specification.
  1.  Why do entry doors in Naples open outwards?

The building codes in Naples changed after the harrowing hurricane Andrew. Part of its more stringent building codes is to require homeowners to build their entry doors to open outwards. The building code requires that exterior doors open outward for all residences in a high-velocity hurricane zone. An entry door which opens outwards needs a tremendous amount of force to push it past the door jambs, while an entry door that opens inward can be easily blown in because it is held only by a latch or deadbolt.
  1. What would happen if your door was breached in a hurricane?

One of the ways a hurricane can damage a home is when a door is breached. Wind entering the door can cause a pressure differential between the inside and the outside enough to lift the roof off the house. Strong wind, rains, and other flying debris can cause more damage to the interior of your home.
  1. Are there other benefits to installing an impact entry door aside from being weather-resistant?

Insurance companies in Naples are required by law to offer discounts and incentives to homeowners who install windstorm mitigation equipment such as impact doors and windows.
  1. When is the best time to install a hurricane-safe entry door?

The ideal time to install a hurricane-safety entry door is outside of the hurricane season when the demand is lower, and the price is not at its maximum. Orders usually spike up during hurricane season.
  1. Why do you need to have impact entry doors as soon as possible?

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Installing your high impact entry doors way before the start of hurricane season gives you peace of mind and more time to enjoy the sunny Naples weather.

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