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Best Bathroom Windows You Should Consider!

Windows are an important feature in any room of a home, including the bathroom. The bathroom is a space that is often overlooked when it comes to natural light and ventilation. However, the importance of windows in a bathroom cannot be overstated. 

Below is a guide on how to choose the best bathroom windows in Florida:


Florida is a state with high population density, and the bathroom is one of the most private rooms in a house. Therefore, it is important to choose a window that offers sufficient privacy. Frosted or tinted glass is a popular choice for bathroom windows as they offer privacy while allowing natural light to enter.


Bathrooms are damp environments, and proper ventilation is crucial to prevent mold and mildew growth. Windows that can be opened and closed are an excellent option for bathroom ventilation. Casement and awning windows are good options as they can be easily opened and closed.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient windows help keep the house cool in the hot Florida summers and warm in the winter. Windows with Low-E (low-emissivity) coatings are ideal for Florida’s climate as they reflect the sun’s heat and reduce the need for air conditioning. Double-paned or triple-paned windows are also energy-efficient and can help lower energy bills.

The bathroom window’s style should complement the overall style of the house. Sliding windows are a popular choice for modern homes, while traditional homes may look better with double-hung or casement windows.

Proper installation is critical to ensure that the window is weather-tight and secure. It is important to choose a reputable window installer who has experience installing bathroom windows in Florida.

Guardian Hurricane Protection is a recognized leader in the South West Florida window and door industry. Our success is based on a strong combination of customer service, business management, and technical competency that comes from years of experience working in our industry. Guardian Hurricane Protection is a fully licensed and insured State of Florida Certified General Contractor. We are OSHA Certified, have an outstanding safety record and conduct regular on-site safety meetings. Our goal is zero time lost on the job. We are a Nami Certified ManufacturerPGT Glazing CertifiedEuroWall Installation Certified, an ASSA Member, and a Solar Energy Contractor.

Here are list of windows we recommend for your bathroom:

Single Hung Window

Single Hung Window

The powder-coat finish on this CGI® Scout single hung aluminum window SH4000A prevents fading, scratching, and corrosion. It works in almost any room, including bedrooms and bathrooms, and is made in a traditional style that allows for ventilation.

Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows

Vinyl double-hung windows are primarily made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This material has numerous advantages, including the fact that it requires little maintenance. Not all vinyl windows are the same. There will be differences in the quality of vinyl from one manufacturer to the next. This is because a vinyl frame is made of a compound—a sort of recipe—that determines its performance over time. Each additive in a company’s vinyl recipe contributes to the long-term characteristics of the final product, such as weather and impact resistance.

Sliding Window Horizontal-Roller-Window

Sliding Window/Horizontal Roller Window

EnergyVueR non-impact vinyl windows and doors enhance exteriors while providing exceptional energy efficiency, lowering energy bills and improving indoor climates. This EnergyVueR horizontal roller window (HR5410) is available in 2- and 3-lite configurations for versatility and smooth, long-lasting operation. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Casement Window

Casement Window

This WinGuard® vinyl casement window (CA5540) has a foldaway handle that allows you to open the window to the left or right. Combine this window with the matching Awning, Picture, or Architectural windows to create a unified look. Casements are useful in kitchens and bathrooms where you want to quickly remove humidity.

Picture Window

Picture Window

This WinGuard® aluminum casement picture window (PW740) is a great addition to the matching Casement and Awning. This non-operational window lets in a lot of light and is suitable for almost any room, including bedrooms and bathrooms.

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