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CGI Sparta Impact-Resistant Windows & Doors

Every Floridian understands the value and importance of impact-resistant windows and doors. However, did you know these technological miracles originated from a laboratory experiment accident by French chemist Edouard Benedictus in 1903? While conducting a glass flask coating experimentation, he unknowingly mixed plastic with a cellulose nitrate solution and acidentally dropped it. The glass did not break into pieces but remained intact and from then on, the rest was history.

Guardian Hurricane Protection, Florida’s leading hurricane solution provider understands the benefits of impact-resistant windows and doors and their importance in protecting residential properties in Florida. 

Protect your property by investing in CGI Sparta impact-resistant windows & doors. Florida will always be a paradise but that sometimes comes with a price. Preventive protection and safeguarding against hurricanes, burglary, and weather elements can be achieved with impact-resistant windows and doors.



Single Hung SH 4100A
Horizontal Roller
Picture Window Architectural PWAR 4120A

PW 4120A Fixed Lite

AR 4120A Fixed Lite
Sliding Glass Door SGD4130A

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When it comes to hurricane protection, Guardian Hurricane Protection is the all-in-one solution partner. Our team of technicians is on call 24 hours a day and fully equipped with the tools to install, repair and maintain impact-resistant windows and doors. Our high-quality products and affordable services will keep your property protected and safe.

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