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Enhance Your Entryway with ODL Doorglass

Guardian Hurricane Protection takes pride in offering top-notch products that not only provide safety and protection but also enhance the beauty and aesthetics of your home. That’s why we have partnered with ODL, a leading manufacturer of handcrafted doorglass, to bring you a wide range of exquisite options that cater to diverse design preferences across the country.

Our experience is evident in the quality of handcrafted glass, cut and shaped in a range of styles to match a diversity of home owner’s design preferences across the country. ODL’s experience is also reflected in the quality of doorglass construction: two panels of tempered safety glass, insulated for air- and water-tight performance. When you look at any one of our decorative doorglass products, you see a cohesive design, but many individual elements come together to create that design. 

Decorative Doorglass

Decorative glass is handmade by skilled craftsman, and it is subject to variation. Each piece of glass is cut and individually positioned into the caming to create the decorative design. In the tradition of decorative glass creation, glass fits into the caming but is not cemented into the caming. Therefore the decorative glass panel is subject to some movement and sound (usually more of a “tinkling” sound); this is not considered a defect. 

From grandiose camed designs to elegant etched privacy glass, our decorative doorglass is engineered and crafted to be exactly what your home needs.


Light & Privacy Levels

Each doorglass design varies in the amount of light it transfers and privacy it affords. We assign a numerical privacy level to each doorglass, from a 0 for low-privacy transparent glass to a 10 for highprivacy opaque glass.

Privacy Level

Price Level

Homeowners can also select decorative doorglass in a price range that suits their budget. Four levels, from the higher range Group A to the lower range Group D, are offered based on doorglass design and materials.

Low-e Doorglass

Low-E Doorglass

Available with a hard coat finish.

Low-e Doorglass+

Low-E + Doorglass

Available with a soft coat finish.

Energy Star


Helps meet ENERGY STAR® requirements when used with an ENERGY STAR® qualified door or sidelight.

Severe Weather Doorglass

Severe Weather Doorglass

Families shown with this icon have sizes available in Severe Weather Doorglass.

Glass Textures

The texture and surface of handcrafted glass offers you aesthetic elements such as depth, dimension, and contrast.  It also contributes to light and privacy levels. These are the glass textures currently offered in our decorative doorglass designs.

Glass Textures


Doorglass finishes, also known as caming, refer to the metal work that joins together the glass elements. Finishes are an important consideration, as they contribute a good deal of the visual style of your doorglass design. We offer a wide selection of finishes for each design to give homeowners options for matching door hardware, light fixtures, or interior furnishings.


Shapes, Sizes and Configurations

Our doorglass designs are offered in several sizes from a partial-view to a full-view glass door. We also offer sidelight and transom glass. A selection of shapes, as well, offers plenty of options to meet your design preference and amount of natural light you’re looking for.

Shapes, Sizes and Configurations
Shapes, Sizes, and Configurations

Enclosed Doorglass Blinds

Enclosed Doorglass Blinds

Enclosed doorglass blinds are a practical and stylish addition to any home. With their ability to enhance privacy, control light, require low maintenance, and contribute to energy efficiency, they offer a host of benefits that traditional curtains or external blinds often lack. Enclosed blinds mean no dust or dirt, no kinks or dents, and no banging of the blinds when you open and close your door. A cordless design is a safer solution when children or pets are in the house. 

Light and Privacy Control

You can close your blinds for complete privacy and security or open them up to enjoy the outdoors—and every level in between. The levels of light and privacy are yours to control using our easy operator. The full privacy channels eliminate light gaps, shadows, and sunlight glare. The NEW colors are offered with Low-E + glass and can meet ENERGY STAR® requirements when used with an ENERGY STAR® qualified door.

Low Maintenance

Since our blinds are enclosed between two panels of glass, you never need to dust which decreases allergens. Even with repeated use, our Enclosed Blinds retain their new look, unlike exposed blinds that can become bent or tangled over time. ODL Enclosed Blinds carry a 20-year warranty on blinds, glass seal and operator for a long-term performance in your exterior door.


ODL is leading the industry in enclosed blinds that reduce the safety risk for children and pets. Because our Enclosed Blinds do not have dangling cords, they have received two certifications. WCMA’s “Certified Best for Kids” designation and Parents for Window Blind Safety (PWBS) Seal of Approval. Both organizations strongly urge parents to use window coverings without accessible cords in homes with children. In addition, all of our Enclosed Blinds are offered in tempered safety glass.

Easy to Operate

The ergonomically placed single* operator lets you raise, lower and tilt your blinds the entire length of the doorglass with only the slightest movement. No reaching or stooping is needed to adjust the blinds. An innovative design results in stacked blinds that take up the smallest of space at the top of the doorglass when fully opened.  

Enclosed Blinds Color Collection

Enclosed Blinds Color Collection

In keeping with ODL’s attention to style and design, we are introducing four NEW colors of Enclosed BlindsSand, Espresso, Slate Gray, and Silver Moon. With matching privacy channels and operators, the colors of your entry door blinds will always coordinate with your décor. The collection is available in Evolve® frames which provide superior rigidity and eliminate bothersome squeeze out using our dry glaze seal. 

Are ODL Enclosed Blinds energy efficient?

Thermally sealed door glass adds up to energy savings by reducing heat loss in the winter and solar heat gain in the summer. Available as an option, Low-E glass reduces heating and cooling costs, protects fabrics and carpets from fading, and reduces condensation.

Fully enclosed blinds give you a maintenance-free option for controlling levels of doorglass privacy. A single fingertip control lets you raise, lower or tilt the blinds.

Severe Weather Doorglass

ODL severe weather doorglass is designed for hurricane-rated doors, especially for homes in wind-borne debris regions or high-velocity hurricane zones (HVHZ). The severe weather products meet wind-borne requirements in areas where wind speeds can exceed 180 mph, Design Pressure (DP) ±66 psf, and wind and missile impact code requirements. The flat profile frame laminated severe weather door lights are certified to meet Florida Building Commission codes. Please go to www.odl.com for the most updated product certifications.

Severe Weather Doorglass
Impact Resistance Laminated Glass

Impact-Resistance Laminated Glass

ODL Decorative Doorglass, Blinds and Grilles are sealed between impactresistant laminated glass on the exterior, and tempered safety glass on the interior.

Flat Frame Profile Offers Strength and Quality 
  • Flat profile for a wider range of architectural applications
  • Low 3/8″ profile
  • Longer screws reduce potential strip out
  • Flat screw hole covers install flush to frame
  • White powder coat finish on aluminum frame can be painted
  • No shop-related Dow 995 application required
  • Meets Florida Severe Weather requirements +66 DP
  • Product certification information available under:
     Florida Building Code approval FL14935.1, FL14935.2, FL14935.3, FL14935.4
     Texas Department of Insurance approval DR-557, 625, 633, 634, 691, 692

Added Value of Noise Suppression

ODL Severe Weather Doorglass provides you with a quieter solution over storm shutters: they carry a sound transmission class rating of 37 dB for a level of sound suppression that is welcome year round.

Doorglass Frames Enhance Entry Door Performance

The long-term performance of an exterior door with a glass insert is dependent upon the doorglass framing system. Just as every building and remodeling project is different, so are specialized doorglass framing systems. Quality frames are both durable and flexible to meet distinct market needs and are available in several different visual finishes. They are manufactured with high-performance resin, which requires less long-term maintenance, and they are engineered for quick installation for a variety of door applications. 
Slam Testing
Water Testing
Quality Frame Material

ODL Doorglass Frames Solve Problems

ODL offers framing system solutions for a wide variety of applications. Industry wide, builders, remodelers and homeowners deal with the everyday problems caused by the wrong frame application. Quality problems such as squeeze out, scalloping, corner flare and yellowing are everyday occurrences. Couple these with misaligned screw hole covers and poor energy efficiency and the frame you’re currently using may be causing you additional time and effort. ODL has the solution to your needs.

Squeeze Out
Corner Flare
Frame Yellowing

ODL's Authorized Dealer and Professional Installer

Guardian Hurricane Protection is a fully licensed and insured State of Florida Certified General Contractor. We are OSHA Certified, have an outstanding safety record and conduct regular on-site safety meetings. Our goal is zero time lost on the job.

We are a Nami Certified ManufacturerPGT Glazing CertifiedEuroWall Installation Certified, an ASSA Member, and a Solar Energy Contractor. In addition to window & door replacement and hurricane protection, Guardian offers a diverse range of services. Our list of services includes commercial storefront glass, screen enclosures, lanai enclosures, Elite Roof Systems, railing and rescreening, and Acrylic Windows to name a few.

Call Guardian Hurricane Protection today at  (239) 438-4732 or visit our showroom at  https://bit.ly/gu4rdm4p for more information about ODL glass doors.

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