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A Brief Guide to Fixing Your Entry Doors for a Classy Exterior

The entry door is where the home’s first impression occurs. Choose the right material, style and design with practical benefits and investment to improve your home’s exterior.

Signs It's Time to Replace Your Entry Door

  1. Difficult to Open and Close: Sticking from the floor, hinges are sinking or sticking into the door jam.
  2. Moisture Between Glass Panes: Seals of panes are damaged which leads to moisture, mildew, or mold.
  3. Previous Water Damage or Insect Damage: A history of flooding or pest infestation takes its toll on wood.
  4. Rust and Dings: A result of inside moisture and energy inefficiency.
  5. Weathered, Warped or Cracked Doors: Exposed to slamming, kicking, and temperature changes.
  6. Visitors, Realtors or Future Buyers Compliment the Home Except for the Door: Visitors, realtors, or future prospective buyers notice the entry door first. First impressions are lasting.

Replacing Entry Doors

Entry doors can be replaced by exchanging one door (slab or blank), for another or completely removing and replacing the door and using the old door framing including jambs and thresholds.    

To make a new wood door fit to an out-of-kilter frame, the top and bottom should be plane or evenly trim to let the door hang correctly.

Best Entry Door Materials

1. Steel

A steel entry door is the best option for security and durability. Steel is stronger than fiberglass and wooden doors and will not warp or crack. Dents and dings can be easily pulled and puttied with an auto-body repair kit.    


Novatech Steel Doors


2. Fiberglass

Fiberglass is the choice between wood and steel, surpassing both in durability, practicality and maintenance. These doors are aesthetically beautiful and are available in a variety of color options.  


Plaspro Exterior Doors


3. Wood

A wood entry door is the perfect choice for versatility, character and beauty. Available in a variety of custom and natural-finish including oak, cherry, walnut and mahogany, 


4. Glass

Glass exterior doors enhance views from indoors and increase natural light but can also admit cold air and may jeopardize privacy. 

WinDoor Estate Entry Door

ODL Door Glass

Door Glass Options

1. Decorative Doorglass

2. Enclosed Blinds Doorglass

3. Classic Series Doorglass

Door Glass Accessories

1. Vertilite (Overlay Art Glass Laminate)

2. Door Inserts

Entry Door Replacement Recommendations

  1. Add greenery to distinctly frame the entrance.
  2. Showcase favorite colors on entry doors.
  3. Position railings at the sides of the entry door, for curb appeal and functionality.
  4. Install pathways leading to the entry door for safe accessibility.
  5. Display address numbers.
  6. Add up privacy or artistic design with frosted or patterned film to glass with panels. 
  7. Balance style between entry doors, furniture and windows.
  8. Clear trash and unpleasant items.

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