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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

For most people moving to Southwest Florida is the best decision they ever made. Considering the present COVID-19 epidemic situation, changing the way we live, work, and play, more remote workers could flock to Florida.

While for some, because of the fact of Florida’s beautiful weather, entertainment parks, and surreal beaches, it has a low cost of living and there’s no state income tax.

However, there are few considerations to think about before making that Floridian decision move –house maintenance costs. Floridian house maintenance is expensive and the need to protect your houses from this Sunshine state’s hurricanes comes at a price.

As predicted this year, the research team at Colorado State University predicts 20 named storms coming up. Which means homeowners should install new house protection for their house entrances/exits, or simply upgrade your windows or doors for a more durable anti-hurricane proof house.

Installing or upgrading your windows comes at a cost, as every year their prices go higher than expected. And when it comes to Floridian-hurricane concerns, nobody understands more than Guardian Hurricane Protection

Since 1990, Guardian Hurricane Protection has been serving Lee, Collier, and Charlotte Counties and a recognized leader in the South West Florida hurricane protection industry. Here we share some tips on how to keep an eye for signs with your windows so that you can save on maintenance costs for your home, it may be now or the near future:

Window Sign No. 1: Drafts

If you have drafty windows, you can tell by feeling the air coming through it, even if it is close. Next, do the candle test. Hold the candle around the edges of the window, if the flame flickers it’s likely you have drafty windows. It is advisable to have your windows checked by window professionals so that you can prepare your house protected before a hurricane strikes.       

Window Sign No. 2: Increase in Energy Costs

Although you might think your windows are still in good shape, think again and double-check them. Old windows could be the reason why your energy bills are acting not normal these days. If you do find a leaky window, it’s important to have them replaced. 

Nowadays, modern windows are designed to be energy efficient, preventing wasted air transferring that causes energy loss. Contact your nearest window experts and get to know your window options for more energy-efficient windows in your home.  

Window Sign No. 3: Poor Window Operation

Either your windows are malfunctioning or the locks are just damaged. A proper functioning window will provide a tight seal against air escaping from your room, besides securing your home. Replace or repair any broken windows so you will not compromise the safety and security of your property.

Window Sign No. 4: Outside Noise

Damaged, old-aged, and malfunctioning windows let outside noises in. Hearing outside noise from neighbors, honking cars, or barking dogs are enough indicators to consider a new window replacement. Window replacements with panes of glass windows can provide silence and comfort from the inside of your office or home.

Window Sign No. 5: Decaying Frames

Decaying window frames and sills due to moisture exposure and dampness can damage windows. Mold growth can rot your window frames in overtime. Probably, it is high time for new window replacements to prevent mold growth around the house.    

Window Sign No. 6: Curb Appeal

Have your home a fresh look with new windows installed. Aesthetic attractive looks can make you the talk of the neighbors, and prospective buyers, if you plan to sell your home when the time comes. Modern window options are full and open, make sure to talk to the experts to get your ideal window in time.

Window Sign No. 7: Visible Damage

Windows are exposed to different weather elements, they can and will eventually damage in time. Cracks in the glass, water damage, warping, or fogginess in the glass are some damage signs to look after. If you notice any of the signs, better call in the professionals and have your residential replacement windows check-out.

Impact Windows

Why Invest in Impact Windows Replacement?

Reason No. 1: Energy Efficient

More energy efficiency means less energy and more savings. Vinyl impact windows are better-insulated models that can prohibit loss of heat from your home. Air conditioning costs will definitely be saved. 

Reason No. 2: Home Insurance Discount

With the emergence of impact-rated windows, insurance providers offer discounts for homes with anti-hurricane windows and doors. In fact, it is the law under Florida Statute 627.0629 stating insurers must provide a discount for their homeowner’s insurance if they have installed “effective wind storm protection.”

Reason No. 3: Hurricane-Proof

Windows is one of the most vulnerable parts of the house facing extreme weather. If windows are damaged by high winds and rain, it can put pressure on the walls and roofs and will wreak devastation inside out to the house. 

Installing or replacing your old windows with impact-resistant quality windows will durably protect against the storm, and avoid high winds and debris damaging weak spots of your house.    

Reason No. 4: Durable

Impact-resistant windows are designed and built to be highly durable and strong against weather elements like rain, snow, high winds, and debris. Perfect protection against burglars reduces outside noises and the sun’s ultraviolet rays from entering your house.

Why Choose Guardian Hurricane Protection?

Whenever you are in Florida choose only the best company in hurricane protection services. For the past 30 years Guardian Hurricane Protection has the experience and knowledge in all the facets of window and door replacement projects and hurricane protection solutions:  

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